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What is AMBA?
bioenergy healerAMBA stands for Aura Matrix Body Alignment. It combines bodywork and energy medicine by integrating whole-body structural alignment, using gentle precise adjustments, with specific and highly efficient bioenergy techniques.

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All living beings give off energy in the form of an electromagnetic field. This field is created by the tiny electrical currents that characterise the processes of life itself. The magnetic part of this field is called ‘biomagnetism’ and can be detected at some distance from the body. A person’s biomagnetic field is in constant fluctuation, precisely reflecting the ever-changing state of his/her physical body, thoughts and emotions. Sensitive individuals can see or sense this field and it is often called the ‘aura’. Just as changes in the body create changes in the aura, so changing the aura will have an effect on the body. The aura is also affected by our surroundings, including the aura fields of other people, and a weak or damaged aura can leave us more ‘open’ and vulnerable to outside influences.

Ancient cultures understood the importance of energetic information ‘pathways’ through the body, such as those used in acupuncture. Now new ways of looking at physiology are starting to explore the idea that information can travel through the connective tissues of the body, creating a high-speed, whole-body communication system. This system has been termed the ‘living matrix’. Human beings are incredibly complex, with thousands of metabolic processes, thoughts and emotions occurring at any one moment. The living matrix provides a network of information capable of coordinating these processes and is a vital link between the structural and energetic systems of the body.

The correct alignment of a person’s physical structure is vital for their health and well-being. Misalignments can lead to compression of nerves, shortening of muscles and stress on joints and ligaments, all of which can cause pain and loss of function at the site of the problem or elsewhere in the body. Structural misalignments also affect the flow of energetic information through the matrix and aura, impeding the body’s ability to function efficiently and heal itself.

By approaching a treatment from both physical and energetic perspectives, AMBA aims to uncover the unique combination of the two that will promote optimum healing in each individual. It acknowledges that we are holistic beings and aims to bring aura, matrix and body back into balance, relieving physical tensions and restoring the flow of energetic information that leads to self healing.

What is AMBA?
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