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I am currently practising in Warmley, with easy access from both the A420 and the A4174 Bristol Ring Road. Home visits are available for those with restricted mobility.

For more information or to book an appointment I can be contacted on:

Phone: 07967 495332
Or you can Email me here >

If you would like to find out more about how AMBA may be able to help, I offer a free 15 min consultation in Warmley.

Aura Matrix Body Alignment
Anna Goodwin MACM BCMA Reg

I began my career as a zoologist. Then, in my early 20s, a back injury led me to discover the McTimoney technique (a gentle and holistic form of bodywork) and I was inspired to change direction. After graduating from the McTimoney College in 1997, I built up a busy practice in Bath and returned to the college as a techniques instructor and clinic supervisor.

During this time I developed an interest in energy medicine and began exploring various techniques and philosophies. My quest led me to Israel, where I spent 15 months studying both bioenergy techniques and martial arts with a healer named Trond Bjornstad.

On returning to England I began to integrate the bioenery work with gentle structural alignment techniques. Inspired by a passion for exploring the unity between science and spirituality, the treatment expanded beyond the original styles it was derived from and developed into Aura Matrix Body Alignment.

I am fully insured for both bodywork and bioenergy techniques and am registered with the Association for Classical Manipulation and the British Complementary Medicine Association.

Clinic Details

With bioenergy work 'more' is not necessarily 'better' and the precise duration of the treatment will be determined by the response of your body and energetic system. You are always welcome to use the remainder of the hour to discuss any issues that may have arisen during treatment and many clients find this time valuable.

Treatment costs are as follows:

  • Adult treatment (1 hour) = 45
  • Short treatment - for younger children and simple musculo-skeletal conditions (30 mins) = 30

Some comments from clients:

“I couldn’t work, or even walk upright, for several days. After the treatment I was able to return to work pain-free. Thank you so much”
DG, Wiltshire

“I have had two treatments with Anna and each time felt a significant emotional and physical shift. I had been exhausted and stressed out. The treatment gave me a sense of reconnecting with my body and brought a peace that enabled me to rest properly.”
Kim, Bristol

What is AMBA?
Amba treatment
Clinic details
Phone: 07967 495332
Email me here >